Brainwaves-Relax & Meditation

Brainwaves-Relax & Meditation 5.6.3

*The leading provider of cutting edge brainwave technology.

*The leading provider of cutting edge brainwave technology.

*The leading provider of cutting edge brainwave technology. *

Brainwaves facilitate meditation and relaxation to achieve your intellectual, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. With isochronic tones, your states of awareness will be effectively altered to intended brain states.

Braiwaves – The Unexplainable Store provides 90+ high quality isochronic tones. All the brainwaves are meticulously created with the latest brainwave entrainment technology.

Key Features:

*Isochronic brainwaves with the highest quality on the market.

*Multi language support; English, Japanese, Chinese and more to come.

* Free Sample for each isocrhonic tone, to get a taste of it before you buy.

*Offer a comprehensive collection of tones encompassing Spiritual,Health,Personal Development and more.


Are you still stressed out? We offer a wide range of tones that weed out stress! Without stress, you can unleash your potential and stimulate creativity.

Are you still suffering from insomnia? We provide you with the most sophisticated brainwaves to help you beat insomnia and get to sleep. To sleep like a baby is not a dream; it will be a part of your reality.

Can’t meditate like a monk? Our Meditation Recordings will Alter your consciousness and help you find that peaceful escape you are searching for.

Do you want success as bad as you want to breathe? Our personal development category will train your mindset for success.

Do you want to enrich your spiritual life? Spiritual & Metaphysical give you full access to a wide range of spiritual topics. Astral Projection, Telepathy, Aura Viewing, to name but a few.

And a lot more is waiting for you to explore.


See what our customers have to say about us:

“Great relaxation and meditation app.”

“Relaxing I am almost fall asleep”

“Super Both the Lucid Dreams app & Calm Down work great, so do the others. It’s the only one that can consistently put me into a deeply relaxed state...then to sleep. I love it.”

“Addiction help I have been using addiction help for a wk now and wow I've cut back on smoking a lot”

“Highest Quality & Best Selections of Brainwave Entertainment Anywhere!!! The quality of the programs in this app is above and beyond what I expected to experience because I've tried so many other brainwave entertainment apps previously that hardly made a recognizable impact on me. I've noticed that the majority of the others I've tried seem to focus more on binaural beats and not so much the isochronic.”

“Love this app It helps me go deeper in the brainwave meditation.”

“You can really relax and sleep better”

“Very relaxing...... good, It is awesome!”

“I find the Anxiety and Calm tracks do exactly that...calm”

“Pretty Good The calm track works well. Listened to it last night before going to sleep“

“Thumb up! It is pretty effective for relaxation purpose”

“High quality I'm really enjoying listening to the high quality of tracks offered in this app. I would especially recommend it to anyone just beginning meditation.

“I began using the free track, I just slip into a state of relaxation and calm down.”

“Pretty Good the calm track works well. Listened to it last night before going to sleep”

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Brainwaves-Relax & Meditation


Brainwaves-Relax & Meditation 5.6.3